Server Basic/Advanced - How It Works

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Server Basic/Advanced - How It Works

Postby SakuraSan » 2010-12-09 02:39

I hope the list of following questions and suggestions becomes short tutorial, how to run multiplayer server on Linux.
Dear ShiVa Team, we need your mentorship!
Please also mention if answer is applied to Basic or Advanced versions.

1. Server Can Run on Linux Virtual Private Server .
2. Server must be installed in particular directory, with permissions, configured.
3. Does Server needs .stk or compiled application for linux?
4. If server crashes can it be restarted by Cron?
5. Server can run simultaneously only one application?? Application is defined by it's ID.
6. Application running on the server must be identical to client's version. Or it can be different version of app/stk with the same ID? This is very important, as it is not necessary for server App to handle actual graphic.
7. The main technique for interacting with server is XML. Can Server manipulate MySQL somehow or interact with PHP?
8. If there any way to create/add/delete runtime scripts in LUA or any other forms, which will be executed with Application.
9. Can two remote Servers Sync Data between them?
10. I would also ask differences between Basic/Advanced, but as it is not described on Buy page, then probably it is a secret and only after buying one shall know. :)
11. Is there some tutorials coming with Basic/Advanced?

Thanks a Lot!
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Re: Server Basic/Advanced - How It Works

Postby Aurodeus » 2011-07-06 09:56

i'm interested to know about the differences between Shiva Server Advanced and Basic also.

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Re: Server Basic/Advanced - How It Works

Postby equinox » 2011-07-06 12:22

Me too because I have to buy server soon.
It would be nice to know if I can start on the smaller version before upgrading
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Re: Server Basic/Advanced - How It Works

Postby broozar » 2015-09-13 20:39

this is a very old post, but since the question has come up again in the chat, let me answer it real quick for Server 1.9.2.

1. since most servers are v-servers these days, yes. make sure the relevant ports are open though.
2. no. install wherever you like
3. no. it is a broadcast server, like a message relay. no actual game is running on the server, hence no STK is needed
4. yes
5. Basic only one game, Advanced multiple.
6. see 3
7. for XML interaction, you don't nee ShiVa Server. XML is done through the XML API on the client side, which can be used to interface with a remote PHP script which can have a MySQL database in the back. A sample for this is the Flash highscore we did a while back: ... re-example
8. not a server question, but yes, you can add additional game STKs to your game, cache them, and execute the scripts contained within: ... l-sources/
9. ShiVa server only syncs ShiVa clients
10. see 5
11. there is a complete multiplayer sample included with ShiVa 1.9.x. We will probably not write a separate MP tutorial until 2.0 comes out.
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Re: Server Basic/Advanced - How It Works

Postby punamjaisawal » 2018-02-21 08:19

its very interesting thanks for sharing.
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