License Questions pertaining to Multiplayer  [SOLVED]

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License Questions pertaining to Multiplayer

Postby ziipppyy » 2014-04-02 16:56

Okay, so I have Shiva Basic (all I can afford, a server license is way more than I can pay for anytime soon), and I had an idea for a multiplayer game. Before I start actually making the game(and figuring out how to actually implement multiplayer), I had a few questions that I can't seem to find the answers to.

The game would be an RTS, were a player would create a game on their machine(the host), and others could join the game on the host's machine(preferably through the internet and not just LAN). I would have a server that holds a lobby, and that's it.

My questions are: Do I have to get a shiva server license for the lobby? or can I just write the server code myself(since it would just be a dynamic database). If so, how do I get the game to send POST or GET to the lobby server? Also, would mobile devices be able to host games?

Thank you for reading through this!!
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Re: License Questions pertaining to Multiplayer

Postby lcocea » 2014-04-02 17:37

You can post/get stuff to/from a server over http via xml but I doubt this would scale up well for a multiplayer FPS. Even if a mobile device could host a game, how do you plan to access it over the Net behind a firewall? A dedicated server is a better option but you need to consider 24/7 availability, a static IP, bandwidth, and hosting cost.
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Re: License Questions pertaining to Multiplayer  [SOLVED]

Postby broozar » 2014-04-02 23:38

ShiVa BASIC and ADVANCED has a built-in server for P2P scenarios like you describe, so you are already set up to do your multiplayer component of your RTS game, no extra charge.

ShiVa SERVER is a dedicated broadcast server. Since you seem not to intend to do large scale multiplayer applications with hundreds of players, the built-in solution should suffice.

A lobby system would have to be coded by yourself from within ShiVa nevertheless, ShiVa SERVER does not magically turn your SP game into an MP game, it merely handles your net traffic very efficiently.

Have a look at the Multiplayer Sample that comes with the ShiVa editor, I recommend you build the game and run 2 instances on 2 different machines to get a feel for how the connection works.
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