particle editor color adjust issue - teensie bug

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particle editor color adjust issue - teensie bug

Postby .eb » 2014-07-24 09:12

I set the color of the "Last Key" to Yellow, and if I adjust the LAST Key's opacity to 0 and then back to >0, the Last Key color being shown in the viewer is now taken from the Key2 Color, but if I click(I do not have to move the slider) on the Last Key color box or slider, the color in the viewer returns to what is set in the Last Key Color box; yellow.

I have played with the Time Sliders, but they don't seem to be the controlling issue even though certain Time settings can cause this issue to not occur or occur more obviously.

As I edit a good amount of particles, I find myself not being able to get a feel over the settings because I noticed that some settings can cause other settings to adjust(like the issue above). 'please note that this isn't as complicated or as bad as I write it, it's *not* a showstopper by any means. 'but perhaps it's something that can be looked over if/when you guys add or fix other Particle features.

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