Dedicated Linux 'Game'?

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Dedicated Linux 'Game'?

Postby dpharaoh » 2011-03-02 22:02

To any of the Linuxy types in here.. in your opinion, what would it take to get a dedicated (headless/console) Shiva application? Is this something possible with the current SDK?

The use of such a thing would be as a game server running in terminal mode really, on a machine with no graphics capability.
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Re: Dedicated Linux 'Game'?

Postby Pierrick584 » 2012-01-28 20:58

In case someone else ever care, of OP is still arround after nearly a year.

It realy might be possible to edit the C++ sources to remove any graphic thing and convert it in a console application, yet, i wonder if at this point, coding in plain C++ from scratch wouldnt be simpler (using shiva API i mean)
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