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Postby broozar » 2010-07-07 10:06

i assume you run 64bits builds of firefox or chrome, respectively. only the 64 bits web player plugin works with those browsers. now, i know there is such thing for mac (e.g. safari, since you can start safari up in either 64 bits ore 32 bits mode), but i lost track of the linux development a little bit.

what you could try: install the 32 bits release of chrome or firefox and install the plugin there again. if i works, it is the known "32-bit-plugin-on-64-bit-browser-does-not-work" issue, but i thought stonetrip fixed that one months ago, at least for other platforms.

PS: i hope you did not test the file from the link above... but instead, visited a website that requires the plugin, like, and followed the instructions to install the player. otherwise, it's simply a very old program version...
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