My account is not recognized

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My account is not recognized

Postby jdebroy » 2015-02-05 06:04

I purchased Shiva back in 2010. Until recently I had no trouble but today I wanted to redownload the UAT and Shiva for reinstalling (considering upgrading) and I was redirected to the store. Tried to login with my usual email and password without success. When I use "lost password" option, the store clearly says that my email does not exist on the system. However, it does work on the forum. Is there a new process to authenticate with the new changes? Please if there is a link and I missed it am sorry. Hope this is the right place to ask.

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Re: My account is not recognized

Postby broozar » 2015-02-05 11:11


old 1.9.2 licenses can be managed from where you will find all the downloads and a login area where your old email&password should work.

The shiva3dstore is a separate system.
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